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White fillings don’t require as much tooth structure to be removed as the older Amalgam fillings, and therefore result in a less invasive, and more comfortable procedure. They are also becoming more popular due to their natural tooth like appearance. At Balhannah Dental Practice, we will strive to blend every filling in with your natural teeth to maintain or recreate a natural looking smile for you!

White fillings can be used to fill new cavities, repair broken or chipped teeth, replace old silver Amalgam fillings, and to help close gaps between teeth.


Many patients that visit us are completely unaware that they have a cavity as they do not feel any pain at all. This is because the outer enamel coating of the teeth has no nerves. As are result, these teeth are unable to feel pain. When decay moves to the inner dentine core, then sensitivity may begin. Patients are sometimes caught off guard when they are shown a picture of a small cavity in their mouth as they have no pain, sensitivity or other symptoms. We recommend patients have their teeth checked every 6 months.

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The gentle team at Balhannah Dental Practice will be there to ensure that you are looked after before, during and after the procedure. If you require follow up care, our friendly staff can organize to give you a phone call, or our dentists can review the area to make sure you are healing well, and to discuss your options to replace the extracted tooth (should you wish).

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(08) 8388 4488


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